Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Fruit Crops

Anuradha Sane

Evaluated and identificated of Bird of Paradise accessions with specific attributes, which can be used as clonal selections.

Generated mutant population in bird of paradise by chemical mutagenesis mutants and gamma irradiation for isolating mutants with desirable traits.

Molecular characterization and genetic diversity of Ornamental crops (Rose, Carnation, Crossandra, Tuberose and Gladiolus) germplasm using SSR/ISSR markers.

Optimized DNA isolation and PCR protocol in Rare Endangered Threatened (RET) medicinal plant species.

Manjunath B.L

Developed farming system models one each suitable to the rainfed lowland situations of the region and another for rainfed uplands with predominant cropping of plantation crops. The lowland model involved rice based sequential cropping system with integration of dairy, mushroom and poultry and recycling of resources. The upland model involved cashew, coconut and arecanut based systems with integration of backyard poultry, piggery and vermi composting.

Vasugi C.

  • Working on the crop improvement of guava and papaya including the maintenance of Field Gene Bank.
  • Involved in the development of two guava hybrids viz., Arka Kiran and Arka Rashmi and one mango hybrid Arka Udaya .
  • Involved in the Characterization of guava, papaya   and mango accessions as per the standard descriptor.
  • Involved in the characterization of 40 unique indigenous ‘appemidi’ mango types using SSR markers including documentation.

M. Sankaran

       Associated and  developed the high yielding varieties of Coconut (4no), Mango (1) and  papaya (1) varieties. Surveyed and collected  20 accessions of mango and 35 coconut accessions from A&N Islands which includes three dwarf type and a makapuno type. The makapuno type with soft endosperm is first report and collection from the A&N islands. Characterized the 24 Pacific Ocean accessions and 6 Nicobar Island accessions and a descriptor has been prepared according to COGENT Descriptor (64traits).

P C Tripathi

•Developed the summer pruning technique in high density orchard of mango and standardized application time and dose of paclobutrazol for regulation of fruiting in mango in Tarai area of U.P.

•Isolated and purified the mango malformation from malformed panicle of mango and induced malformation like symptoms in mango by ethrel and paclobutrazol. Partial control the incidence of mango malformation by use of polyethylene covers and pruning.