Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Fruit Crops

Evaluated and identificated of Bird of Paradise accessions with specific attributes, which can be used as clonal selections.

Generated mutant population in bird of paradise by chemical mutagenesis mutants and gamma irradiation for isolating mutants with desirable traits.

Molecular characterization and genetic diversity of Ornamental crops (Rose, Carnation, Crossandra, Tuberose and Gladiolus) germplasm using SSR/ISSR markers.

Optimized DNA isolation and PCR protocol in Rare Endangered Threatened (RET) medicinal plant species.

Sapota germplasm of 46 accessions were maintained and evaluated. Generated hybrids and half sib progenies of PKM-1, Cricket ball and Kalipatti.  In Jamun 110 accessions were collected from different parts of the country and 55 collections are maintained in field conditions. Maintained, characterized and evaluated banana germplasm. Genetic and G x E studies were made. Experiments on varietal evaluation were done among important commercial cultivars. An analysis of cross compatibility in banana varieties were made to asses seed set. Clonal collections of Ney poovan or Elakki bale were done.