Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Fruit Crops

  • Nucellar seedlings of ‘Vellaikulamban’ and ‘Olour’ mango varieties identified as potential rootstocks for intensive cultivation of Alphonso mango.
  • Major nutrient requirements of rain-fed ‘Alphonso’ and ‘Totapuri’ mango trees worked out.
  • Attempted diagnosis of nutrient needs of mango by Orchard Efficiency Analysis, DRIS and PCA approaches
  • Unraveled basic factors governing tree vigour in mango
  • Paclobutrazol application devised to regulate vegetative vigour, enhance flowering, hasten harvest and to get higher fruit yields in ‘Alphonso’ mango.


Rasraj is an inter-specific polyembryonic hybrid developed for resistance to bacterial canker disease by breeding. The hybrid derives genes for canker resistance from the Nepali Round lemon parent and other characters from the acid lime parent. The fruit is yellow coloured, weighs on an average about 55 g containing 70% of juice and 12 seeds. The rind is thicker than lime. The acidity is 6% and TSS is around 8°B.


Arka Sahan

अर्का रशमी

यह कमसारी x पर्पल लोकल के संकरण से विकसित संकर है। यह संकर काफी फलदार है और इसमें अपने जनकों की तुलना में अगेती फलन होता है। इसके फलों का आकार (180-200 ग्रा.) गोलाकार होता है, इसके गूदे का रंग गहरा गुलाबी, मध्‍यम मुलायम बीज और टीएसएस (12° ब्रिक्स) होता है, इसमें उच्च लाइकोपीन एवं एस्कोर्बिक अम्ल (235 मि.ग्रा./100 ग्रा.) होता है तथा इसका फल बहुत स्वादिष्ट होता है। इसकी उपज क्षमता 30-35 टन/हे. है।

Arka Kiran

Arka Amulya

It is a progeny from the cross Allahabad Safeda x Triploid. Plants are medium in vigor and spreading type. Fruits are round in shape. Skin is smooth and yellow in colour. Fruits on an average weigh about 180 - 200 g, flesh is white in colour and firm. TSS is around 12 Brix, soft seeded, weight of 100 seeds is 1.80 g. Keeping quality is good.

Arka Mridula

It is a selection from open pollinated seedlings of Allahabad Safeda. Plants are semi-vigorous in nature and spreading. Fruits are round in shape and weigh about 180 g. Skin is yellow in colour and smooth. Flesh is white in colour. TSS is around 12 & Brix. Fruits are soft seeded, weight of 100 seeds is 1.60 g. Keeping quality is good. The pectin content is 1.041%. It is good for jelly making.

Arka Prabhath

It is from the cross (Surya x Tainung-1) x Local Dwarf. It is gynodioecious in nature. The plants are semi-vigorous and bearing starts at a lower height (60-70 cm). Since the variety is gynodioecious, seed production is easy, as bagging of bisexual flowers ensures true to type plants. The pulp is firm (5.9 kg/cm2) and colour is deep pink. The fruit weight on an average is 900-1200 g, the TSS is 13-14 & Brix and yield per plant is 90-100 kg. The keeping quality is good.