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Sample Heading

Division of Fruit Crops


Arka Hans

It is a cross between Bangalore Blue and Anab-e-Shahi. Vine is vigorous, seeded, medium yielder, bunch small, well filled, berries greenish white, medium, spherical pulp soft, good quality, mid maturity, suitable for white wines but not suitable for distant transportation due to poor pedicel attachment.

Arka Shyam

It is a cross between Bangalore Blue and Black Champa. Vine is moderately vigorous, medium yielder, bunch is small well-filled to compact winged, cylindrical, i berries blackish blue, medium, spherical, pulp soft, good I quality, mid to late maturity, suitable for double cropping, , good for juice and vine.

Arka Kanchan

Arka Kanchan is a cross between Anab-e-Shahi and. Queen of the Vineyard. Vine is of medium vigour, seeded, medium yielder, bunch medium large, loose, berries, gol- den yellow, medium oval, pulp meaty; good quality, I muscat flavour, very late maturity.


It is a hybrid cultivar of Black Champa and Thompson seedless. Vine is vigorous, medium yielder, bunch medium large loose, berries greenish white, small spherical, pulp soft, very good quality, late maturing, very good for raisin making.

Arka Soma

This hybrid is a cross between Anab-e-Shahi x Queen of Vineyards. The plants are vigorous with a yield potential of 40 tons/ha and 36 kg/vine. Time required for harvest from pruning is 158-160 days. The bunches are well filled, weighing an average of 410 g, greenish yellow, round to ovoid and average berry weight is 3.8 g. T.S.S. varies from 20-21 ° B and acidity from 0.5 per cent. Vines are heavy croppers, pulp is meaty and has muscat flavour and it makes very good white dessert wine. It is possible to take two crops in a year.

Arka Majestic

Arka Shweta