Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Fruit Crops

Mango - Arka Aruna

Arka Aruna

Fruit weighs on an average about 500 g. Pulp is pale yellow in colour, free from fibre and spongy tissue. Pulp recovery is about 80%. TSS is around 20°Brix. Regular bearing, dwarf statured, suitable for backyard planting, and amenable for 5 x 5 m planting, a mid- season variety.

Mango - Arka Puneet

Arka Puneet

It is the progeny from the cross Alphonso x Banganapalli. It is a mid- season variety. Plants are vigorous and regular bearing. Fruit stalk is attached vertically. Fruits are elliptical and on ripening become yellow coloured with red blush. Pulp is firm, orange coloured and is free from fibre and spongy tissue. TSS is around 21°Brix. The pulp recovery is about 65-70%. Keeping quality is good.


Mango - Arka Neelkiran

Arka Neelkiran

It is the progeny from the cross Alphonso x Neelum. It is a late season variety, fruits come to harvest during last week of June. Tree is semi-vigorous in nature.Fruit is elliptic in shape, medium sized weighing on an average about 270-280g.Fruit stalk is inserted vertically.Fruits on ripening get golden yellow blush.Skin is smooth, medium thick. The pulp is deep yellow in colour and firm. It is free from fibre and spongy tissue.Pulp recovery is 70%. Keeping quality is good.

Satisha J.

He has got 18 years of experience in grape research with specialization in screening and evaluation of rootstocks for drought and salinity tolerance, canopy management of wine grapes etc. Long term evaluation of rootstocks for Thompson Seedless grapes resulted in identifying Dogridge rootstock for increased bunch and berry size,  drought tolerance in spite of its higher vigor inducing capacity to scions. And  symptom of inverted bottleneck at graft joint does as not a symptom of graft incompatibility.

Sakthivel T.

  • Associated in establishment of field gene bank of underutilized fruits like mangosteen, durian, rambutan, avocado, passion fruit, jamun, karonda, longan, Garcinia , Macadamia nut, Malayan apple, velvet apple, carambola and pummelo etc.
  • Associated in identification of hermaphrodite and free stone rambutan clones for commercial cultivation
  • Identified high yielding disease free Coorg mandarin clones for production of quality planting material of Coorg mandarin