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Genomics and Molecular Breeding
Date of Birth: 
Tuesday, November 18, 1975
Experience (No. of Years): 
4 years

Fingerprinting of guava and papaya genotypes Validation of markers in papaya Development of genomic resources in pomegranate

1. Genetic relationship among papaya (Carica papaya) and wild papaya (Vasconcellea species) using RAPD and ISSR markers (2012).Kanupriya, M Shobhana, C Vasugi, C Aswath, V Radhika, L Reddy and M R Dinesh. Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, 82 (4): 366–9 2.Cultivar Identification and Genetic Fingerprinting of Guava (Psidium guajava) Using Microsatellite Markers (2011).Kanupriya; P. Madhavi Latha; C. Aswath; Laxman Reddy; B. Padmakar; C. Vasugi; M. R. Dinesh International Journal of Fruit Science, 11: 2, 184 — 196 3. SSR-Based DNA Barcodes as a Tool for Identification of Eggplant Genotypes (2012). Lakshmana Reddy , Kiran Khandagale , Srikanth H Reddy , C. Kanupriya , Aswath Chennareddy & T. H. Singh. International Journal of Vegetable Science, 18:3, 260-271

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