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Manjunath B.L

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Principal Scientist (Agronomy)
Division of Fruit Crops
Research Accomplishments: 

Developed farming system models one each suitable to the rainfed lowland situations of the region and another for rainfed uplands with predominant cropping of plantation crops. The lowland model involved rice based sequential cropping system with integration of dairy, mushroom and poultry and recycling of resources. The upland model involved cashew, coconut and arecanut based systems with integration of backyard poultry, piggery and vermi composting. Coconut based farming system involving intercropping of forage grasses and legumes in coconut, their nutrient management and integration with dairy and biogas for recycling of wastes were standardized.Developed three Homestead farming systems models including their technology package with the details of layout and the cost economics. The models were field tested and their suitability assessed which formed a basis for unit scale finance by NABARD. Surveyed the local cowpea germplasm of Goa and collected 69 accessions. Evaluated the selected germplasm in farmers field continuously for six  years and identified three selections superior in seed yield, biomass yield, grain size and suitability to residual moisture situations. Standardised the nutrient management practices for organic rice production using locally available manurial resources including problematic weeds and assessed the soil fertility parameters including microbial build up.


Research papers:

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Book Chapters (Best 5)


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Awards & Recognitions: 
  1. Awardee of  I.C.A.R. Merit-cum-means scholarship  during 1983-87  for pursuing B.Sc (Agri.) degree programme.
  2. Awardee of  I.C.A.R. Senior   Fellowship under 1993-94   Programme for pursuing  Ph.D.  
  3. Awardee of Best Poster  presentation  by  Indian Society of Agronomy  in the  National Symposium on “Resource Conservation and Agricultural Productivity”  held at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana  during 22-25  November, 2004.
  4. Awardee of “ Best citizens of India award 2012”  by International Publishing House, New Delhi.
  5. Awardee of  “Bharat  Jyoti”  award  by India  International  Friendship Society, New Delhi, 2013.
  6. Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Bio-Diversity Science, Belgaum, Karnataka since  2014               
Address for Communication: 

Division of Fruit Crops, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hesaraghatta lake post, Bengaluru– 560 089.

Email Address:
Telephone #: 
080-23086100 Extn 293