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Vijay Rakesh Reddy S

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Division of Post Harvest Technology and Agricultural Engineering
Post Harvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables
PhD (Post Harvest Technology)
Research Accomplishments: 

(During the Period of 2019-2023)

During his service at ICAR-CIAH, he has developed postharvest handling and packaging protocol for fresh dates, and ber fruits. Standardized pre-harvest sprays for inducing uniform ripening in phalsa fruits to reduce the number of pickings and save labour. Developed various value added products viz. aonla based mouth freshener; kachri based curry powder, snap melon ketchup, ber pulp based toffee, Khejri extrudates, Iron fortified aonla candy etc. Developed protocol for chuhhara preparation from date cv. Medjool and standardized pretreatments for controlling their browning during storage. He also screened various sour genotypes of pomegranate for anardana making. He standardized drying methods for dehydrating unmarketable ber and date fruits which have the potential use as topping with breakfast cereals and Museli like products. Currently, at IIHR, he has screened the potentiality of various biopolymers for making composite edible coatings to be applied over various fruits and vegetables. Also screened various volatile and non-volatile organic compounds for antimicrobial activity against the food borne pathogens and spoilage microbes. He is also associated with development of active modified atmosphere packaging technology for minimally processed fruits viz. jackfruit, papaya, pineapple, muskmelon, pomegranate for extended storage life and quality.

Varieties / Technologies Developed: 


  1. Aonla based mouth freshener
  2. Dry dates (Chhuhara) protocol
  3. Technology for uniform ripening of phalsa fruits
  4. Technology for browning reduction in dry dates during storage
  5. Kachri curry powder
  6. Handling cum storage box for ber
  7. Handling cum storage box for date fruits
  8. Aonla-Ginger (Namkeen) Mouth Freshener
  9. Snapmelon Ketchup
  10. Ber pulp based toffee
  11. Iron fortified aonla candy
  12. Khejri based extrudates

(Best 10/High Impact)

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Books Chapter 

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Awards & Recognitions: 


  1. Young Horticultural Scientist Award (Fruit Science-PHT) by Society for Horticultural Research and Development (SHRD) during 2nd Indian Horticulture Summit-2022 organized at Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat from 27-29 April 2022.
  2. Young Scientist in Horticulture by Venus International Foundation during their 4th Annual Research Meet-2018 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu during August 2018.
  3. Young Scientist Award by Research Wing for Excellence in Professional Education & Industry (EET CRS) TOP-25 during 18 March 2018 at Hyderabad, India
  4. Kanwar Virender Singh Memorial All India Best Publication Awards in Fruit Science by Society for Advancement of Human and Nature (SADHNA) at Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, HP on 28th February 2018.
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences-2015 during 89th foundation day (16 July 2017) of ICAR.
  6. IARI Merit Medal during 54th Convocation of ICAR-IARI, New Delhi for outstanding academic performance in doctoral degree during February 2016.
  7. Awarded University Gold Medal for standing first in order of merit in M.Sc. (Horticulture) from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka during 2012.
  8. Awarded Dr. JC Anand Prize for outstanding academic performance in M.Sc. degree from UAS (B) during 2012.
  9. Awarded Dr. K. Shama Bhat Memorial Gold Medal for academic excellence in Masters degree from UAS (B) during 2012.
  10. Awarded University Gold Medal for standing first in order of merit in B.Sc.(Horticulture) from Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad during 2010.
  11. Awarded the prestigious Pratibha Award and Fellowship from the state government of A.P for the year 2005.

    Peer Recognition


  1. Selected for Summer Research Fellowship Programme by  JNCASR and worked under the supervision of Dr. Raghavendra Gadagkar, Professor and JC Bose National Fellow at Center for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore during the year 2008.
  2. Qualified ICAR-SRF with Fellowship during the year 2012.
  3. INSPIRE Fellowship from DST, GOI during perusal of Ph.D. degree (2012-15)
  4. Section editor (Post Harvest Engineering & Technology) for the Journal of Agriculture and Ecology since 2016 till date.
  5. Reviewer for the journals Journal of Horticultural Science, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Journal of Science of Food & Agriculture, Physiology Reports, Horticulturae, Sugar Technology, Agriculture, Sustainability, Genes, Applied Sciences, Agronomy, Life, Nutrients, International Journal of Molecular Sciences etc.
  6. Recognized as PG faculty for University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka
  7. Accredited as PG faculty for Dr. YSR Horticultural University, Tadepalligudem, AP
  8. Recognized as PG Faculty for the graduate School of ICAR-IARI, New Delhi
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