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Principal Scientist
Division of Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Breeding
Ph.D. in Horticulture
Research Accomplishments: 

(During the Period of 2019-2023) 

  1. Release of Goa Bhendi-1 during 2019 for the state of Goa through SVRC.
  2. Recommended for release of pole dolichos varieties viz., Arka Krishna and Arka Vistar for the state of Karnataka through SVEC during 2023.
  3. During 2021, AICRP Vegetable Crops recommended pole dolichos variety Arka Pradhan for release for Zone-IV through CVRC.
  4. Arka Priya (Garden Pea) is accepted for release for Zone-I, IV and VIII during 2023 through CVRC.
Varieties / Technologies Developed: 


  1. Amaranthus-Goa Tambdi Bhaji-1
  2. Bhendi-Goa Bhendi-1
  3. Brinjal-Goa Brinjal-1, Goa Brinjal-2, Goa Brinjal-3 and Goa Brinjal-4
  4. Indian Bean (Pole type)-Arka Krishna, Arka Vistar and Arka Pradhan
  5. Garden Pea-Arka Priya


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Book Chapter 

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Awards & Recognitions: 


  1. Fellow of Society for Applied Biotechnology during 2012
  2. Best Oral Presentation in National Conference on Management of Natural Resources for Our Sustenance during 2002.
  3. Best Poster Presentation in National Conference on Coastal Agricultural Research during 2002.
  4. Best Poster Award in 4th Indian Horticulture Congress during 2010.
  5. Certificate of Appreciation during 2018 during Foundation Day of CCARI, Goa.
  6. Certificate of Appreciation during 2019 during Foundation Day of CCARI, Goa.
  7. Chairperson of the session on Sustainability Intensification and Diversification in Agriculture during National Symposium during 2017.
  8. Co-chaired in technical session of Lead Paper Presentation in National symposium on Horticultural Crops during 2022.
Permanent Address: 
Dr.M.Thangam S/o N.Muniappan H.No.14/82B, OPP to BDO Office Karimangalam- 635 111, Dharmapuri District Tamil Nadu
Address for Communication: 

Dr.M.Thangam ,

Q-202, Purva Venezia, Yelahanka New town, Bengaluru-64, Karnataka

Email Address:
Telephone #: 
080-23086100 Extn 256