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Technology Description

  • At present most of the gerbera varieties are patented and big companies import the plants and sell at exorbitant rate. 
  • A commercial multiplication of Gerbera using shoot tip has been standardized by avoiding vitrified shoots using GA. The proliferation rate is 35% more than the existing method.
  • As a second step in vitro petioles can be  used for large scale multiplication.


Products and By- products

  • Gerbera tissue cultured plants of Arka Krishika


Technology Benefits

  • This technology facilitates the supply of clean planting material with the scope for accelerated production as per the market demand
  • Small entrepreneurs can use this technique for multiplication


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Small enter pruners


Market potential

  • The market for Gerbera plants is high. At present the market is ruled by the imported varieties which are expensive, since they are all patented and multiplied by big companies. The present protocol may give a better price for the smaller companies


Investment Required

  • Rs 10 lakhs for the new lab
  • For a set up lab, production cost is  Rs 3/plant


Expected Returns/Profit

  • The rate of multiplication is very high.
  • Exagar plants can be sold at Rs 8.
  • 3 months hardened plants can be sold at Rs 15.
  • Benefit cost ratio  2.5:1