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Motorised media siever Motorised media mixer Dibbler cum seeder for protrays
Bag filler for nursery Automatic portray filling, dibbling, seeding and watering machine


There are about 6,000 vegetable seedling nurseries and a large  number of fruit and ornamental nurseries in the country. The machineries have been developed for vegetable, fruit and ornamental nurseries. These are for sieving rooting media (FYM, sand, soil vermicompost and cocopeat), mixing of media, protray filling and seeding for raising nurseries in protrays for vegetable crops. For fruit and ornamental crop nurseries the bag filler has been developed. 

  1. Media siever for sieving 1 tonne/hr sand,  soil, FYM and vermicompost.
  2. Media mixer for 1 tonne/hr sand, FYM, soil and vermicompost.
  3. Rotary protray dibbler cum vacuum seeder for vegetable nurseries with a  capacity of 150 protrays/hr.
  4. Automatic portray filling, dibbling, seeding and watering machine with   a capacity of 200 protrays/hr.
  5. Bag filler for fruit and ornamental nurseries with a capacity of 1000  bags/hr.


The use of these machines will give following benefits to farmers.

  1. The seedling production capacity of vegetable nursery can be increased  to 1000 protrays per day for five labours.
  2. The cost of filling and seeding portray can be reduced to Rs. 0.25 in  comparison to manual cost of Rs. 1.50.
  3. The production capacity of ornamental and fruit nurseries can be increased with lower cost for bag filling.