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Keshava Rao V.

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M. Sc., Ph. D.
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1. Flavour compounds in fruits: Volatile flavour components of fruits viz. lime, mango, banana, custard apple and mushrooms were characterized. Differences in the flavour profiles of mango varieties viz. Alphonso, Arka puneeth, Banganapally, Dasheri, Langra, were studied. Effect of artificial ripening on the flavour profile of banana (Elakki) and Kagzi lime was studied. Qualitative and quantitative changes in flavour components due to artificial ripening were established. Formation of flavour volatiles in mango at different stages of ripening was studied. It was found that formation of oxygenated flavour compounds increase as the fruit ripens.

2. Antioxidant capacity of fruits: Antioxidant capacity and other phytochemical parameters like total phenols, flavonoids and carotenoids in fruits viz. mango, papaya, jamun, aonla were studied. Mango varieties were screened and the varieties with high antioxidant activity were identified for consumption as well as for their usage in further breeding. The changes that occur in antioxidant capacity on storage at room temperature and also under refrigerated conditions were studied. Based on the experiments some varieties were found to be suitable for storage at RT/LT with regard to retention of antioxidants. The optimum time of storage without any appreciable loss of antioxidants were worked out in aonla and mango.

3. Natural antioxidants from mango processing waste:Peel and kernels of mango are found to have 20 to 30 fold high antioxidant activity than the pulp.. Antioxidant activity and other components like total phenols and flavonoids were evaluated in peel and kernels of important varieties like Alphonso, Banganapally and Totapuri. A liquid-liquid extraction process was optimized for the isolation of antioxidants from peel and kernels. These antioxidants can be used as natural antioxidants in food industry and also as nutraceuticals

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