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Technology Description

  • Trichoderma harzianum is a popular biocontrol agent used extensively for control of phytopathogenic fungi.
  • Chitinases  are potentially useful transgenes for the production of disease-resistant plants.
  • Hence, Trichoderma harzianum chitinase gene construct has been developed using the chitinase gene isolated from local isolates of T.harzianum


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Technology Benefits

  • Trichoderma endochitinases are more effective in controlling fungi than the chitinases found in plants, bacteria or in other fungi. 
  • The efficacy of the chitinase gene construct developed was demonstrated  in vitro through pathogen (Alternaria  alternate) inhibition studies and in vivo through enhanced resistance to Alternaria blight in detached tobacco leaves of plants transformed with the gene construct made


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Biotechnology Industry/ Research Labs in Institutes, Universities


Market potential

  • The availability of gene constructs can  kickstart the  R & D projects. It  can  also save considerable amount of time needed for developing and testing of gene constructs.


Investment Required

  • Biotechnology lab should be in place


Expected Returns/Profit

Benefit cost ratio

  • Suitable alternative when  there is absence  of resistance source
  • Expected to overcome  problem of resistance breakdown due to race differences of the pathogen