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Biochemical studies on jelly seed formation in Amrapali mango

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  • To find the biochemical basis for jelly seed formation, a physiological disorder in Amrapali mango and to develop a formulation for its management.


Date of start of this programme:   July, 2011



S. Shivashankar


H.S. Singh



  • Studies on Amrapali fruits harvested at different fruit maturity showed that the incidence of the disorder increases with fruit maturity.
  •  The rate of incidence of the disorder was found to range from 21.1 to 67.9% in fruits of 90% maturity while at lower fruit maturity levels, the incidence was found to range from 0 to 15%. 
  • The initial symptoms of the disorder was noticed at the interface of the stone and pulp showing jelly like zone roughly at the centre of the pulp which increased with fruit maturity. 
  • Biochemical analysis showed higher moisture content and activities of hydrolyzing enzymes in seeds collected from jelly seed affected fruits compared to seeds from healthy fruits.