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Sample Heading


Mango - Arka Udaya

Semi-vigorous plant type, fruits are medium sized with bunch bearing. The fruits have the peel colour of Anmol and with the pulp characteristics of Amrapali, firm and deep yellow pulp, high TSS (24 0Brix) with better keeping quality (12-15 days).

Mango - Arka Anmol

  • It is a semi-vigorous type, regular bearing and is amenable for high density planting.
  • It is a late season variety, fruits coming to harvest during second to third week of June.
  • Fruits are oblong in shape, medium sized, weighing on an average about 300-330g.
  • Fruits on maturity will be dull green in colour, attaining uniform golden yellow colour on ripening. Skin is thin and smooth.
  • Pulp is orange coloured, firm and free from fibre and spongy tissue with good sugar-acid blend.

Mango - Arka Suprabhath

It is a medium vigorous, regular and bunch bearing, high yielding (35-40 kg / plant after 4 years of planting) hybrid.  The fruit weight ranges from 250-300g, the fruit shape resembles like Alphonso.  The pulp resembles Amrapali and is deep orange in colour and firm.  Pulp recovery is >70%, TSS (>22°B), acidity (0.12%), carotenoids (6 mg/100g FW) and flavonoids (3.44 mg/100g FW). It has a shelf life of 8-10 days at room temperature.

Mango - Arka Aruna

  • Fruit weighs on an average about 500 g.
  • Pulp is pale yellow in colour, free from fibre and spongy tissue.
  • Pulp recovery is about 80%. TSS is around 20°Brix.

Regular bearing, dwarf statured, suitable for backyard planting, and amenable for 5 x 5 m planting, a mid- season variety.

Mago- Arka Puneet

  • It is a mid- season variety.
  • Plants are vigorous and regular bearing.
  • Fruits are elliptical and on ripening become yellow coloured with red blush.
  • Pulp is firm, orange coloured and is free from fibre and spongy tissue. TSS is around 21°Brix.

The pulp recovery is about 65-70%. Keeping quality is good.