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Division of Vegetable Crops

Anil Kumar Nair

1) A.K.Nair. (2000). Effect of farmyard manure and fertilizer levels on yield of maize(Zea mays L.) and succeeding rice bean (Vigina umbellate) crop in Sikkim. Indian Journal Agricultural Science, 70 (4): 239-240

2) Nair,A.K., Sujatha A. Nair, R.P.Dubey, N. Ravisankar and S.C. Pramanik.(2000). Evaluation of cucurbitaceous vegetables as intercrop in coconut plantations in Andamans. Indian Journal Agricultural Science,70 (4):241-242

Pitchaimuthu M.

I have been working at IIHR, since, September 1992 onwards my contribution in the field of Vegetable Breeding are as follows  I have collected , evaluated, characterized, utilized and maintained  of watermelon (120) muskmelon  (125 ), cucumber  (150), ash gourd ( 40) and Okra (175 ) germplasm accessions  for breeding programme in the Vegetable Breeding Lab.II.. I have identified as a sources of resistance to major diseases namely Watermelon Bud Necrosis Virus ( Citullus colocynthis , C. lanatus var. citroids)  fusarium wilt and gummy stem blight in watermelon.

Padmini K

• Developed pollination technique for efficient hybrid seed production of brinjal Cv.Arka Navneet. • Standardised pollination technique for efficient hybrid seed production of chilli using Cytoplasmic genic male sterile lines to avoid emasculation • Standardised pollination technique for efficient hybrid seed production of tomato using exserted stigma (Ex-3) lines to avoid emasculation • Standardised the time of planting for effective synchronization of flowering in Cytoplasmic male sterile lines and Pollinator lines of Onion Cv.Arka Lalima.

Madhavi Reddy K.

( Development of stable CGMS lines in chilli ii) Development of promising chilli varieties/ F1 hybrids viz., Arka Suphal, Arka Meghana, Arka Sweta and Arka Harita iii) Incorporation of powdery mildew resistance into promising hot pepper and bell pepper lines iv) Development of hot pepper lines tolerant to moisture stress v) Development of heat tolerant bell pepper lines vi) Identification of sources of resistance to CMV, CVMV , bacterial wilt, phytophthora blight & thrips 

Yogeesha H.S.

Worked on hybrid rice seed production technology and characterization of wheat varieties through Electrophoresis techniques at IARI, New Delhi, from Dec,1991 to Aug, 1996; Worked on hybrid seed production aspects of tomato, sunflower, and variety development in chickpea at IARI Centre for Improvement of Pulses, Dharwad from Aug,1996 to May,1999; Since May, 1999 working at IIHR, Bangalore on: Seed quality aspects influenced by seed production practices, post harvest techniques; seed quality improvement by coating and pelleting; seed dormancy in vegetable, medicinal, flower and fruit crops.