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Sample Heading

Improvement of mango for yield and quality

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HORTIIHRCIL2013010: 010 ( 1 )


Collection, hybridization and evaluation of mango germplasm and hybrids



  • Eight indigenous seedling types from northeastern region and 49 indigenous pickling types from Uttara Kannada were collected. Thirty-six varieties of mango were described as per ‘Bioversity International’ Descriptor. Screening of varieties for fruit fly and stone weevil showed that under exposed condition the variety EC 95862 did not record any infestation.  
  • A catalogue on 47 ‘Appemidi’ mango pickling varieties containing morphological and molecular characterization has been published.
  • A booklet on ‘Heirloom varieties of important tropical fruits; a community initiative to conservation’ was brought out.
  • One hybrid H-12 from the parentage Amrapali x Arka Anmol was identified by ‘Varietal Identification Committee’ of the Institute and named as Arka Udaya.  It has semi-vigorous growth habit. Medium sized fruits (230-240 g) are borne in clusters. Pulp is firm, orange yellow with a TSS of 24-25oB. The fruits have excellent keeping quality.
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