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About ITMU

Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) is the unit set up in the ICAR institutions for management of IP/deemed IP and transfer/commercialization of technologies.

ITMU, ICAR-IIHR takes care of the licensing of ICAR-IIHR developed technologies to public organizations/ private companies and individuals. Licensing of technologies is done on non-exclusive basis, without royalty for a period of five years through signing of a licence agreement between ICAR-IIHR and the client. ITMU works with Agrinnovate India Limited, New Delhi (the commercial face of ICAR) to license technologies having license fee of more than one lakh.  Regulatory compliances like approval of National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), Karnataka Biodiversity Board (KBB) and Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority (PPV&FRA) are adhered to in commercialization of technologies.   The licensee/company will have to get license from CIB&RC, Faridabad for commercial production of biopesticides licensed from ICAR-IIHR.

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Procedure for technology licensing from ICAR-IIHR:

The transfer of technology involves payment of license fee +18% GST followed by the signing of license agreement. A training fee per technology is also charged.  Client will need to send duly filled Proforma for Licensing Technology from ICAR-IIHR along with enclosures mentioned therein.  On confirmation of licensing the technology, a draft MoU will be shared to client . Once the terms and conditions are agreed  and on receipt of the payment of license fee and training fee, final MoU will be executed on a mutually convenient date.  In case of any non Indian participation in the management or investment of the company, approval from NBA is required.


Structure & pattern of ‘License Fee’ charged

Technology Licensing on non-exclusive basis.

An ‘Up front’ payment as License Fee/ technology as onetime payment

GST of 18% is applicable

A technology is licensed for 5 years. Fresh license should to be taken after 5 years

Currently we have 228 technologies spanning six theme areas as enlisted below.

  • Seed and Planting Material (85 Techs)
  • Post Harvest Technology (76)
  • Plant Health Management (21)
  • Biopesticides (4)
  • Farm implements and Machinery (40)
  • Biotechnology (2)

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Professional Service Functions 

List of Licensees of Various ICAR-IIHR Technologies:   

Click Here to Technology licensing issued from December 2022 to June 2023 (till 12.6.2023)

1. Arka Herbiwash

2. Arka Sasya Poshak Ras

3. Avocado Arka Supreme

4. Gerbera

5. Guava

6. Mango Hybrid 

7. Rose

8. Micronutrient Specials

9. Arka Microbial Consortium

10. Biopesticide

11. Agricultural Engineering Technologies



List of expired licences of the Institute technologies