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Agri Business Incubation

ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research



The Agri Business Incubation at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR), Bangalore is a facility of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) established to Commercialize technologies of IIHR, nurture Horticulture technology based Ventures, Start-ups and Horti –business consultancy through incubation.


  • Identify innovations with a potential for commercial application &facilitate technology innovations &protection process.
  • Facilitate business process development & market potential for Institute’s technologies.
  • Facilitate the process of technology up scaling & incubation till take off.


  • To commercialize institute’s technologies through incubationby rendering supportfor horticultural production systems
  • To develop ‘Enterprise and Entrepreneurship’ in horticultural production systems
  • Capacity building and imparting consultancy skills for horticultural crop based enterprises.

Why a Agri Business Incubation (ABI)?

  • Agri Business Incubation is a gateway to the huge Scientific, Technological and Infrastructural resources of Horticulturethat are readily available at IIHR.
  • These resources can be accessed quickly and with low transaction costs through the ABI’ pre-negotiated standard contracts, confidentially with intellectual property agreements.
  • The ABI will also provide incubation services for Individual entrepreneurs, Start- Ups and Companies seeking reliable advice, Consultancy on all verticals of Horticulture, access to infrastructure facilities, Business development, market access, financial services, mentoring, networking and partnerships with the institute.

Guidelines  to become  IIHR incubatee

Mushroom incubation charges 

Agri Business Incubation offering

The Agri Business Incubation offers exciting opportunities in the emerging fields of for Horti-business across the value chains from Technology Transfer, access to infrastructure, Business Development service, Training, financial assistance through production, processing and marketing assistance in  several thrust areas namely.

  • Seed & Planting Material

Improved varieties, hybrids having multiple disease resistance and high yield in crops like vegetables, fruits, medicinal and ornamental crops developed by institute.

Lines with special traits like male sterility available.

 In the last ten years institute has licensed to more than 73 seed companies

  • Plant Health Management

Safe and cost effective plant health management technologies to promote sustainable plant health management are offered - Biopesticides, Micronutrients, Botanical formulations, Pheromone traps and Bio fertilizers

  • Post-Harvest Technologies

Processed products like fruit bar, osmotically dehydrated products, ready to serve (RTS) beverages, crushed tomato, squashes,wines, dry flower, mushroom products available.

  • Farm Machinery & Implements

Designs available for licensing;

Nursery Machinery : - Rooting MediaMixing Cum Filling Machine - Automatic Dibbler Cum Vaccum Seeder ,Sowing and transplanting: - Onion Drum Seeder - Broad Bed FormerCumVegetableSeedling Transplanter

Fruit harvesters: - Mango, Sapota and Lime Harvester - Tractor Drawn Hydraulic Platform for Harvesting and Pruning ; Mango processing: Raw Mango Peeler, Slicer and Cube Cutter

Mushroom spawn production: Motorized Grain Cleaner, Grain Boiler, Grain and Chalk Powder Mixer, Bag Filling Machine and Bulk Spawn Inoculators

Fruit and Vegetable vending van

Arka High Humidity Storage Box

  • Biotechnology

Embryogenic cell suspensions for mass multiplication of banana (cv Elakki bale)

  • Mushroom

On-Site Ready To Fruit (RTF)  bag production Incubation

Agri–Business Incubation Services

Off-Site incubation      

Technology: Technology Information, Access & Training

Business Development Services:Navigating regulatory Requirements, Standards and Compliance, Product/Process /Human Resource development &Management

Facilitate Marketing Assistance: Promotion through trade fairs, exhibition and Industry meet

Facilitate Finance: Bankable proposal/ Angel Investors Finance Management Skills

On- Site incubation      

Technology: Technology Information, Access & Training

Infrastructure: Access to office, Production, Storage &Lab space

Business Development ServicesNavigating regulatory Requirements, Standards and Compliance.

Technical advice on packing product /process/ Human Resources development &Management.

Facilitate Marketing  Assistance: Help Market through ATIC (if it’s in demand)

Promotion trough trade fairs, exhibition and Industry meet.

Facilitate Finance:Bankable proposal/ Angel Investors Finance Management Skills

About IIHR

The ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), a constituent Institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a premier horticultural institute inIndia.  The institute has a sprawling campus of 266 ha experimental land and with excellent state of the art infrastructure facilities for conducting basic as well as applied research on horticultural crops. These facilities coupled with a pool of talented experienced scientific and technical human resource makes the Institute a premier organization for research, teaching and extension in all branches of Horticulture Science.

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