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Success Story on “Arka Kiran” Guava F1 hybrid with pink flesh and high yielding variety in Ultra high density method of Planting

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Mr.G.Kranthi Kumar a B.Tech drop out of Isuka darsi village of Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh want to venture into fruit cultivation with latest variety that is suitable for his region. Earlier he visited  IIHR campus, Bangalore. He has been very keen to grow ICAR-IIHR improved Guava hybrid Arka Kiran in his field and is continuously in touch with ICAR-IIHR Scientists (Dr.R.Senthil Kumar and Dr.C.Vasuki)

After knowing the benefits of Arka Kiran - a semi vigorous, prolific and precocious bearer, yields medium sized round fruits with deep red, firm pulp and with high lycopene content (7.14 mg/100 g). The fruits are sweet, (total soluble solids of 12 to 12.5 0Brix ) with good vitamin C(190-200mg/100g), medium soft seeds coupled  with good flavour, suitable for both table purpose and for processing (Fruit bar, osmo-dried slices, RTS beverages, squash) he wanted to grow this hybrid in his field. Planting material purchased from  ICAR-IIHR licency Mr. Krishniah  of M/S. Bloom Irrigation systems, Pvt. Ltd., Prashanthi Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

The farmer wanted to grow Arka Kiran in Ultra high density Meadow orchard method that is 2000 plants per acre. With the intension of achieving the break even point of investment cost at the earliest.  Hence, he planted 5 acres in  September 2018 and another  5 aces in February 2019 at  2x1 meter distance to raise guava orchard successfully. He followed package of practices of ICAR-IIHR, also used to prepare biostimulants like  botanicals, Panchakavya, Dasha kavya, Cowdung slurry, Jeevamurtha and Agnistra at his farm itself and applied as foliar nutrition  for growth promotion and also control of pest and diseaes. Earlier  at the time of field preparation, he applied  organic  manures like well decomposed farm yard manure, neem cake, pungamia cake, vermicompost and farm waste manures for basal application. Later on, he applied cowdung slurry, cow urine, wood ash and herbal extracts  for  top dressing, whenever  the crop required.   

The farmer realized very good fruit yield in Guava i.e. 7 tones in the first year and expected 20 tonnes in the second year. He could sell his produce @ Rs 35,000 per tone in market constantly also making juice and sold 300 litres of fruit juice @60 per litre.. He was very happy with the performance of Arka Kiran in terms of better fruit colour, fruit flavor and yield, amenable for high density meadow orchard system, premium price and  higher net returns. He earned Rs. 2.45 lakhs- in the first year and is expecting Rs. 7.00 lakhs in the 2nd year with an investment of 3 lakhs per acre so he is  very much satisfied. The cost benefit ratio is 1:2.04. Apart from main fruit sales, he also used to prepare fruit juices, he earned additional income of Rs 18,000 in the first year. Over all his income was increased from Rs.2,45,000/- to Rs 2,63,000/-  in the firs year itself. He was very happy about Arka Kiran in high density meadow system of orcharding. He has also motivated other farmers in the village and in social media ( to follow the same method of fruit cultivation with ICAR-IIHR varieties/hybrids to get more yield and enhanced income.