Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Development and utilization of Mushroom technology as a biological tool for sustainable nutrition, health and green environment

Primary tabs

  1. Development of technology for the production of mineral rich mushrooms
  2. Conservation and  introduction of new indigenous and exotic edible and medicinal mushrooms
  3. To develop methodologies/ recepies for  mushroom fortified daily diet products/health supplements
  4. To mechanize specialty mushroom cultivation system
  5. Germplasm maintenance
  6. Quality seed production
  7. Training

Dr. Meera Pandey, Principal Scientist, Mushroom Lab., IIHR

  • Dr. G. Senthil Kumaran, Senior scientist, Section of Agric. Engineering, IIHR
  • Dr. G. C. Satisha, Senior Scientist, Div. of soil science and Agric. Chemistry, IIHR
  • Dr. K.S. Shivshankar, Principal scientist, Div. of Physiology and Biochemistry, IIHR
  • Dr. K. Ranjitha, Scientist, Div. of PHT, IIHR
  • Dr. Shamina Azeez, Senior Scientist, Div. of PHT, IIHR
  • Dr. R.B. Tewari, Principal Scientist, Div. of PHT, IIHR
  • Dr. Nita Khandekar, Principal Scientist, Div. of Extension and Training, IIHR
  • Dr. N.K.S. Gowda, Principal Scientist, NIANP, Bangalore