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Biochemical and molecular assessment of chilling injury in mango (Ongoing)

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  • To understand the biochemical and molecular basis of chilling injury in mango
  • To identify the varietal variation in susceptibility to chilling injury
  • To develop methods to overcome the chilling injury in mangoes


Date of start of this programme: 2009




K.S. Shivashankara




D.V. Sudhakara Rao,

K.V. Ravishankar




Varietal variation in the chilling injury susceptibility among mango cvs. Alphonso, Banganapalli, Dashehari and Kesar have been evaluated. Variation in antioxidant status of the fruits during low temperature storage has been estimated in these varieties. Fatty acid unsaturation was estimated and related to the extent of susceptibility to chilling injury of these cultivars. Variation in the susceptibility and its relationship with fatty acids in different stages of maturity was also studied. Different postharvest treatments for reducing the chilling injury by temperature conditioning and chilling shock treatment before storage are being evaluated.