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Bhuvaneswari S.

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Process Engineering
M.E.(Ag), Ph.D

13 years of research experience in the field of Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables, Packaging and transportation studies, Upscaling of processing technologies developed at IIHR.

1. Bhuvaneswari,S and K.P.Gopalakrishna Rao. 2009. Standardisation of Corrugated Fibre Board Boxes for packaging and transportation of tomatoes. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 79(7):542-47. S.Bhuvaneswari, R.Udhayakumar and C.K.Narayana.2014. Quality and Shelf life of fresh cut onion slices as affected by slicing method and packages. Journal of Extension and Research Vol.XVI.No.(1&2). pp 4-6.

Crushed tomato technology

Division of PHT and Agricultural Engineering
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