Research Highlights

ICAR-IIHR identified a new Yard Long Bean Selection Arka Mangala for high yield
Yard Long Bean (Vigna unguiculata sub sp sesquipedalis L.) is an important legume vegetable grown for its tender long green pods.  Arka Mangala had maximum number of pods per plant (42). Yield performance during the kharif seasons of 2009  to 2010 has indicated that Selection Arka Mangala has given average yield of 25 t /ha, while the check varieties Lola and Vyjayathi gave pod yield of  20.75 and 19.75  t/ha...

Success Stories

India’s first triple disease resistant tomato F1 hybrid Arka Rakshak” brings back smile on farmers face


Highlights of Success


  • First public triple disease resistant tomato F1 hybrid in India
  • Yields up to 18 kg/plant
  • Successfully withstood against ToLCV, BW & EB in farmers’ fields
  • Earned an average net...

Latest News

IIHR stall bagged best stall award in the UAS, Bangalore Krishimela-2014


As in the past this year also our institute participated in the UAS, Bangalore’s Krishimela-2014 and exhibited suitable technologies which were useful for the different stakeholders. This was held from November 19-21, 2014 at UAS, Bangalore GKVK campus . There were three High-tech  and two Engineering stalls from our institute about 6.5 to 7 lakh people visited during the mela. Our stalls attracted a large number...