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Varalakshmi L.R.

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Soil Chemistry/ Salinity

• Optimum nutrient norms for Soil and plant in Acidlime (DRIS norms) were developed.

• Sampling technique in fruit crops like Phalsa was standardized,

• Nutrient uptake studies were conducted in guava and ber varieties.

• Salt tolerant varieties in Banana, Onion, Acidlime, Cabbage and Capsicum were identified.

• Heavy metal pollution was monitored in water, soil and vegetable samples in peri urban areas of Bangalore.

• Contamination of vegetables grown surrounding different tank areas with Cd, Pb, Cr and Ni was estimated.

• Awareness about heavy metal contamination of vegetables in peri urban areas was created among local farmers.

• Alternate cropping systems were suggested for heavt metal contaminated areas.

• Amaranthus, Palak, carrot and radish varieties have been screened and varieties with low heavy metal absorption capacity have been determined

• Effect of liming and FYM on Cd uptake in leafy and root vegetables was determined.

• Acidlime variety “Tenali” has been found to tolerate water salinity level upto 4.6 dSm-1.

• Acidlime variety “Tenali” is given in Tumkur district for onfarm trials.

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