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Sudhakar Rao D.V.

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Areas of research work done in Fruits and vegetables

  • Respiratory behaviour of fruits & vegetables under different storage conditions 
  • Post harvest treatments including quarantine treatments
  • Pre-cooling and cold storage protocols for fruits & vegetables
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) 
  • Controlled Atmosphere storage (CAS)
  • Individual shrink wrapping 
  • Alleviation of chilling injury 
  • Regulation of ripening by  ethylene inhibitors
  • Edible coatings
  • Low cost ripening of climacteric fruits
Post Harvest Management of fruits and vegetables
M.Sc.(Horticulture), Ph.D
Experience (No. of Years): 

Respiratory behaviour of fruits and vegetables under different storage conditions Standardization of precooling and optimum storage temperatures for important fruits and vegetables Individual shrink wrapping of fruits and vegetables to extend storage life Modified atmosphere packaging of important fruits and vegetables Standardization of Controlled atmospheres for mango and banana for export purpose Standardization of post harvest treatments for extension of storage life of fruits and vegetables Alleviation of chilling injury of fruits and vegetables by CA storage, MA packing and Individual shrink wrapping Regulation of ripening in climacteric fruits by 1-MCP treatment Low cost ripening of fruits using ethylene gas released from liquid ethrel/ethephon


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•Awarded Dr J.C. Anand Gold Medal Instituted by Horticultural Society of India (HSI) for the year 2009 for the significant contributions in Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural crops. •Recipient of Dr JS. Pruthi Award for the year 2007 for significant contributions to the development of fruit and vegetable preservation industry in India Instituted by AFST (I) •Recipient of United Nations University (UNU-Kirin) Fellowship for carrying out Post Doctoral Research at National Food Research Institute (NFRI), Tsukuba, JAPAN(2000-01) •Recipient of IARI Gold Medals for out standing academic performance in M. Sc. and Ph.D •Recipient of the NA Pandit Award (1995) for the best review paper on “Pectins from fruit processing waste- A review during 1996 Annual Conference of All India Food Preservers Association, New Delhi. •Recognized as PG Teacher in the subject of Post Harvest Technology by University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore; University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS), Bagalkot and Dr YSR Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh.

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  • Students Guided              :  12 M.Sc and 4 Ph.D
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  • Member for 19 MSC and 13 Ph.D students
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