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Technology Description

  • Ready made antibodies for plant viruses bacteria and fungi
  • Custom production under JV mode
  • Recombinant antibody clones which can be produced in E.coli rather than in animal cells.
  • Continuous batch production in biorectors
  • One step detection since the antibody gene is conjugated to coding sequence of alkaline phosphatase
  • A cock tail of 3- 5 antibodies for use in DAS-ELISA, Western, dip-stick, lateral flow, Histological studies etc.

Products and By- products

  • Antibody clone.


Technology Benefits

  • Greatly reduces cost of production
  • Enhanced ease of production
  • Can be purified to near homogeneity because of the His-tag
  • Can be developed into  farmer friendly dipsticks or lateral flow sticks
  • Can be used for high end applications by the researchers since the antibody molecules are very small compared to conventional animal raised ones


Target segment /End User Profile

  • commercial growers
  • Researchers
  • Testing labs
  • GMO diagnostics including Cry proteins
  • Biomedical applications including therapy
  • Plantibodies for transgenic expression of antibodies in plants


Market potential

  • Imarc report on “Indian Diagnostic & Therapeutic Antibodies Market Report & Forecast: 2011-2016” says that it is expected to grow exponentially because of increased affordability of health care


Investment Required

  • Any lab with existing facilities for routine molecular biology can produce 5 to 10 ml of pure antibody within 2-3 days worth 1.75 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs from a 100ml culture
  • The cost of production including overnight growth of 100 ml of bacterial culture, extraction of periplasmic proteins, dialysis, chromatographic purification and quality control testing is about Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for producing 5 to 10 ml of antibody


Expected Returns/Profit

Benefit cost ratio