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Shivashankara K.S.

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Fruit and vegetable antioxidants, volatile aroma and storage disorders of fruits
M.Sc (Agri), Ph.D
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Worked in the areas of flowering physiology and spongy tissue of mango, fruit and vegetable antioxidants, volatile aroma identification and fruit storage disorders especialy chilling injury in mangoes. More than 20 years of reserach experience on horticultural crops. Assessed the antioxidant capacity variations in fruits and vegetables. Studies the losses in antioxidants during storage and processing of fruits and also during different methids of cooking in vegetables. Metabolomic analysis of tomato fruit quality is also being studied. Assessed variations in metabolites in different tomato germplasm lines differing in fruit quality. Varietal variations in mango for chilling injury sussceptibility is also been assessed and membrane peroxidation levels in these varieties due to low tempearature storage is worked out.

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Division of Basic Sciences
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# 538, 7th Main, 9th Cross, Coffee Board Layout, Hebbal-Kempapura, Bengaluru - 560 024.

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