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Sample Heading

Seed quality enhancement in Guava, Rose, carrot and Lawsonia innermis

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Crop:  Guava

Problem :dormancy –due to hard seed coat hence  no germination or less germination in  Untreated seeds

Treatment-Scarification with HCL 35% for 3 minutes results in 95%higher germination



        untreated                                                 treated


Crop: Rose

Problem :dormancy –due to hard seed coat and immature embryo  hence  no germination  in  Untreated seeds

Treatment-scarification with HCL 75% for 15 minutes and stratification for 3 months at 100 C results in 40% higher germination


Crop:  Carrot

Problem : Poor storer – Quick loss of a viability at ambient condition  - 60% after one   year of storage at ambient conditions

Treatment : Seed priming with KH2PO4,KNO3,K2SO4@0.01 M for 24 hrs increased  germination  by 18-20%


Guava  Guava

60 % germination                                      78% germination


Crop:  Lawsonia innermis

Problem : low germination at

Constant  temperature and in dark conditions

Treatment: alternate temperature  and exposure to light  gives 100 % germination   

Guava     Guava

            Guava                                                               Guava