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Sankar V.

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Horticulture - Vegetable Science
Date of Birth: 
Wednesday, February 7, 1973
Experience (No. of Years): 
18 Years

Research Artciles  - 40 Nos

Technical Bulletin  - 15 Nos

Abstracts   -200 Nos

Book Chapters - 10 Nos

Popular Articles -  50 Nos

Micro Irrigation and Fertigation in Onion and garlic,Cropping systems in Onion and Garlic under Western Maharashtra conditions ,Weed management in Onion and Garlic

Best Poster Award

Best Rsearch Article Award

Division of Social Sciences and Training
171/2, Kalaiveni Illam, Bharathi Street, Sivagiri -638109,Erode District,Tamil Nadu
Address for Communication: 

 Mrs Sabari Sankar,

 Shiva Krupa Nilaya

Chamraj Villa Road ,Puttani Nagar,

Madikeri -571201,Coorg,Karnataka



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