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P C Tripathi

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•Developed the summer pruning technique in high density orchard of mango and standardized application time and dose of paclobutrazol for regulation of fruiting in mango in Tarai area of U.P.

•Isolated and purified the mango malformation from malformed panicle of mango and induced malformation like symptoms in mango by ethrel and paclobutrazol. Partial control the incidence of mango malformation by use of polyethylene covers and pruning.

•Identified several chance seedling in apple, Peach, walnut and other temperate fruits. Some of them namely Local Ambri,Lodh Delicious, Bauna Delicious(apple), Paradelux (Peach), W-1,W-2 (walnut) were found promising over existing cultivars.

•Standardized the nursery production techniques in onion under drip irrigation. Standardized the production techniques of kharif onion for higher production . Developed technique of direct sowing in kharif onion.

•Design, fabricated and evaluated onion seed drill for direct sowing of onion.

•Designed and evaluated several types of onion storage structures for reduction of storage losses in onion.

•Design, fabricated and evaluated manual onion grader and motorized onion grader for grading of onion.

•Standardized the cold storage combine with irradiation technique of onion for reduction of storage losses.

•Developed technology for the intercropping of sugarcane and onion & garlic under micro irrigation system.

•Standardize technology of micro irrigation and fertigation for onion & garlic. Direct sowing in onion Kharif onion production technology

•Development of horticultural based models for rural women.

 Three new promising lines were identified in apple One new promising lines were identified in peach Prototype of manual onion grader was developed Prototype of motorized onion grader was developed Three new design of onion storage structures were developed Prototype of solar onion dryer grader was developed Prototype of precision seed drill for onion was developed system for planting of onion and

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