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Technology Description

  • A tissue-culture based technology for the rapid clonal propagation of chrysanthemum. It facilitates the rapid multiplication and supply of elite lines.
  • Can be adopted for new exotic introductions and newly bred genotypes. Allows rapid multiplication from limited initial plant material
  • Optimized for the IIHR varieties Arka Ravi and Arka Swarna


Products and  By- products

  • Micropropagated plants supplied in portrays or polybags ready for field plating
  • Possibility of supplying ex-agar plants ready for hardening
  • Possibility of supplying in vitro stock cultures


Technology Benefits

  • Cultures once initiated could be maintained for a long period, with the addressing of endophytic contaminants. Simple procedure for in vitro multiplication and acclimatization.
  • High propagation rate to the tune of over 1 million plants per year
  • Need for secondary nursery could be avoided, which is an essential requirement while using suckers
  • Early flowering and better performance in the field


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Tissue culture units
  • Horticulture nurseries
  • Commercial growers


Market potential

  • Suitable for local market and also for export


Investment Required

  • Can be taken up as an additional item to an existing tissue culture unit


Expected Returns/Profit

  • Potential for multiplication upto 10 million plants per year without the need for hormonal supply
  • Tissue culture firms interested in the multiplication and supply of high-value planting material


Production cost :

  • about Rs. 1-2 per plant.
  • Cost benefit ratio: 1: 2-4x


Note: Technique can be refined or optimized for the variety of choice to the entrepreneurs on specific request