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Technology Description

  • Natural multiplication rate of Hippeastrum hybridum is low and hence breeding programmes aimed at generating superior hybrids suffer from the lack of  plant material..
  • Tissue culture offers a very quick means of augmenting the plant material


Products and By- products


Technology Benefits

  • Protocol for large scale propagation of selected pre-release hybrid of Hippeastrum using bulb scale explants (both single and twin scale) has been standardized.
  • Proliferation of shoots could be achieved by subculturing the bulblets generated in the same medium. The same medium facilitated root induction as well. 
  • Can get disease free planting material.


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Tissue culture industry
  • Commercial nursery growers


Market potential

  • Despite the increasing demand for cut flowers , the low multiplication rate  of hippeastrum  restricts its availability as a cut flower and also as a landscape crop.  
  • The adoption of micropropagation technology is restricted by the non-availability of protocols to small scale entrepreneurs.


Investment Required

  • Can be taken up as an additional  profitable venture in an existing Tissue Culture Laboratory


Expected Returns/Profit

Benefit cost ratio

  • Disease free quality planting material.