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Technology Description

  • A method has been standardized for the  production of Anthurium plants through three step procedure viz., regeneration, proliferation and rooting. A proliferation rate of  15.3 shoots/explants was obtained compared to  7.3 shoots/bud.


Products and By- products

  • Anthurium tissue cultured plants


Technology Benefits

  • The method can be used for micropropagation of Anthurium using leaf as explant, large number of uniform planting material can be developed in short time 
  • No somoclonal variations and vitrified plants  was obtained with high proliferation.


Target segment /End User Profile

  • Small entrepreneurs can multiply and sell the locally available cultivars for the  growers for a cheaper price


Market potential

  • At present the market is ruled by the imported varieties which are expensive, since they are all patented and multiplied by big companies. The present protocol may give a better price for the smaller companies as they can multiply the locally available varieties


Investment Required

  • Rs 10 lakhs to set up a tissue culture lab (without building cost)


Expected Returns/Profit

  • The rate of multiplication is very high.
  • Exagar plants can be sold at Rs 8.
  • 3 months hardened plants can be sold at Rs 25.
  • Benefit cost ratio  3.5:1