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Unripe/Raw mango peeler Raw mango slicer Raw mango cube cutter
Hot water treatment plant Garlic bulb breaker Garlic peeler


India is producing about 1.5 crore tonnes of mango. The mango pickle is delicacy of the South Asia. The pickle industry has come in a big way and the branded pickles are available in different kind of packages. The manual operation is time consuming, tedious and unhygienic,  mechanical operations will reduce the labour requirement, increase the capacity of the industry and make the products more hygienic. Raw/unripe mangoes are processed for pickle, chutney, thokku and amchoor (Dried unripe mango powder). Unripe/raw mango peeler for thokkuamchoor and chutney industry has a peeling capacity of 200 kg/hr. This can also be used for grating of peeled mangoes for making chutney and thokku.


The raw mango slicer and cube cutter are for cutting mango into small pieces of about 10 x 10 x 16 mm for pickle making. After slicing the mango in mango slicer, the cut stones are separated manually and the slices are fed to cube cutter for cutting into mango pieces. The capacity of slicer is 1 tonne/hr and cube cutter is 0.5 tonne/hr. 


The production of garlic is 11 lakh tonnes per year from a cultivated area of 2 lakh hectare in India. Garlic is one of the important medicinal crop. The garlic pickle is very popular in the market. The minimal processing is required for production of garlic pickle. For garlic pickle industry garlic bulb breaker and peeler have been developed. These are manual operated machinery and best suited for pickle, hotel and catering industry. The garlic bulb breaker has a capacity of 50 kg/hr and peeler has a capacity of 12 kg/hr. The peeling efficiency for garlic peeler about 85%.