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L K Bharathi

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Vegetable breeding
Date of Birth: 
Tuesday, March 19, 1974
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a. Artificial synthesis of a new Momordica species (Momordica suboica Bharathi) with potential as a new vegetable crop - A BREAKTHROUGH IN DIOECIOUS MOMORDICA SPP. Organized cultivation of spine gourd is lacking, despite its demand, mainly due to its short harvesting period, low yield and lack of standard propagation technique. Teasel gourd on the contrary has extended harvest period, adventitious root tubers and high yield but hand pollination is essential to get high fruit set (natural fruit set up to 25%). However, teasel gourd is extensively cultivated in Eastern India and Bangladesh due to ease in cultivation though hand pollination is laborious. M. suboica Bharathi, an autoallopolyploid developed by crossing natural tetraploid Momordica subangulata subsp. renigera (2n=4x=56) with induced tetraploid M. dioica (2n=4x=56) which can be propagated easily through root cutting, set fruits naturally (>90% fruit set), has extended harvesting period and gives higher yield. The reason for the natural fruit set is due to insect visits (moths & honey bees) due to strong musky scent which is inherited from M. dioica. M. suboica combines the desirable attributes and this hybrid is expected to revolutionize cultivation of teasel gourd and spine gourd by saving labour and better propagation efficiency.

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