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Pitchaimuthu M.

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Vegetable Breeding in Okra, Watermelon, muskmelon and cucumber
Ph.D - (Horticulture)
Experience (No. of Years): 
21 Years

I have been working at IIHR, since, September 1992 onwards my contribution in the field of Vegetable Breeding are as follows  I have collected , evaluated, characterized, utilized and maintained  of watermelon (120) muskmelon  (125 ), cucumber  (150), ash gourd ( 40) and Okra (175 ) germplasm accessions  for breeding programme in the Vegetable Breeding Lab.II.. I have identified as a sources of resistance to major diseases namely Watermelon Bud Necrosis Virus ( Citullus colocynthis , C. lanatus var. citroids)  fusarium wilt and gummy stem blight in watermelon. Downy and powdery mildew , alternaria , fusarium wilt  diseases in muskmelon, Downy , powdery  and anthracnose diseases in Cucumber and Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus in  okra .


  • Arka Sujat and Arka Sumeet: Two ridge gourd varieties has been developed released for high yield, good qualities and suitable for long transport market.
  • Arka Akash and Arka Aiswarya  : Two F1 hybrids has been developed and released for high yield and good qualities in watermelon
  • Arka Madhura  :Triploid Seedless watermelon has been developed and released for high yield and  good quality for protected cultivation  in  first time at IIHR.
  • Arka Muthu : Ice box type and dwarf   watermelon variety has been developed and released  for high density planting along with drip and mulching system
  • Geneic male sterile line has been developed and commercialized through ITMU and utilized for development of F1 hybrids in okra ,  is the first report in the world.
  • Transfer of Genic male sterile lines in to different genetic backgrounds and advances lines and F1 hybrid in okra have been developed.
  • Incorporation of Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus resistances in to Geneic male sterile     
  • Background in okra
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