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Metabolic adaptations under low moisture stress and salinity, and potential of growth regulators and microbes in improving tolerance in papaya (Carica papaya L)

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  • Identifying morpho-physiological and anatomical traits imparting tolerance to low soil moisture stress and salinity in papaya cultivars
  • Investigations on cellular metabolites under low soil moisture stress and salinity
  • Studies on interactions of mycorrhizal fungi and growth regulators with physiological processes and cellular metabolites under abiotic stresses and management of stresses by mycorrhizal fungi and growth regulators


Date of start of this programme:  01.04.2012



K.K. Upreti


R.M. Bhatt

R. Chithiraichelvan

L.R. Varalakshmi



  • Morpho-physiological parameters and phytohormonal levels showed variations in the water stress tolerance among papaya cultivars. 
  • The cultivars exhibiting higher leaf water potential, specific leaf mass, leaf ABA and root cytokinins under stress maintained stable growth and had root:shoot dry mass ratio.