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Sample Heading

DNA Fingerprinting and assessment of genetic diversity in horticultural crops germplasm

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  • To generate the DNA fingerprints of released varieties of horticultural crops, germplasm and hybrids
  • To assess the genetic diversity of horticultural crops germplasm.
  • To generate a database of DNA fingerprints of horticultural crops germplasm
  • To evaluate the extent of genetic diversity in the horticultural crops germplasm and


Date of start of this programme: 2009



T V Ananthanarayanan (till 01-09-2011)


Anuradha Sane (Hort)



DNA fingerprinting/Molecular characterization of released varieties was done for following ornamental crops using ISSR/SSR markers.

  1. Rose: G.S. Randhawa, Kiran and Nishkant
  2. Crossandra : Arka kanaka, Arka ambara; 2 Hybrids -2005-1 and 2005-2.
  3. Carnation : Arka Flame
  4. Tuberose:    Shringar, Suvasini, Prajwal, Vybhav, Niranthara  
  5. Molecular characterization of 30 genotypes of Gladiolus.



  • Anuradha Sane, Jaya Jhawar and Aswath C, 2010. Molecular characterization of crossandra cultivars/hybrids/species using ISSR markers. In National conference on horticultural biodiversity for livelihood, economic development and health care, 28-31 May 2010, Hi tech Horticultural research and post graduate centre, Bangalore, Karnataka.



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