Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Nutrient dynamics (N,P, K ) of conventional and speciality fertilizers under drip fertigation in horticultural crops (Banana, Papaya, Tomato and Brinjal)

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  1. To work out the  nutrient use efficiency of conventional fertilizers in comparison to speciality fertilizers in fertigation of fruit and vegetable crops.
  2. To study the effect of these fertilizers on soil properties, crop growth and yield.
  3. To study the nutrient dynamics in the soil with reference to nutrient movement in different soil layers.
  4. To investigate the effect of liquid  biofertilizers  along with fertigation on the nutrient dynamics in the soil and soil health.
  5. To workout the cost benefit ratio of conventional fertilizers and speciality fertilizers


Date of start of this programme:

August, 2013



L.R. Varalakshmi



Anil Kumar Nair

P.Panneer Selvam


Experiments are under progress