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Studies on precision production practices for enhancement of seed yield and quality

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  1. To find out the effect of foliar application of major and minor nutrients on seed yield and seed quality in capsicum  and china aster
  2. To find out the optimum number of fruits for higher seed yield with quality in capsicum


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Dr. L.B.Naik



H.S. Yogeesha 



  • Studies on the effect of foliar sprays of micronutrients on seed production and quality in capsicum indicated that spraying of manganese sulphate (0.5%) recorded highest seed yield (66.27 kg/ha) which was 44% higher than the seed yield in control treatment (45.97 kg/ha).
  • Study on the effect of fruit position on seed yield and quality in capsicum under nethouse condition indicated that although there were not much wide variation among the treatments for seed yield, the highest seed yield was recorded (66.08kg/ha) in the treatment where six fruits were harvested for seed purpose and the rest of the fruits were harvested at green marketable stage.
  • Foliar application of mixture of micro-nutrients viz, Zn SO4 , CaSO4, Mn SO4, FeSO4, Ammonium molybdate and Boric acid @ 0.5 % sprayed 3 times at 15 days interval starting from 60 days after transplanting resulted in highest seed yield (202 kg/ ha ) in China aster cv. Kamini. The control recorded the lowest seed yield (127 kg/ ha).