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Aswath C.

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Horticulural Biotechnology
Experience (No. of Years): 

Varieties released: 8 varieties were released in Flower crops. Chrysanthemum - Arka Swarna and Usha Kiran for novelty and higher yield Gerbera : Arka krishika, novel variety which can perform on par with exotic varieties outside the polyhouse Crossandra - Arka Ambara, Arka Shreeya,Arka Shravya and Arka Kanaka. First three have been commercialized and large quantity of saplings has been delivered Gladiolus;Arka Amar, a novel variety New Concept

• MADS box gene which helped to define conditions that permit plant morphogenesis to occur in vitro has been demonstrated using transgenics(Chenna Reddy Aswath , Sug Youn Mo, Sun-Hyung Kim, Doo Hwan Kim (2004) IbMADS4 regulates the vegetative shoot development in transgenic chrysanthemum (Dendrathema grandiflora (Ramat.) Kitamura) Plant Science, 2004 166: 847–854.) Processes

• Identification of Citrus rootstocks using SCAR markers- Govt of Maharashtra is commercializing this technology by cerifying each grafted plant to be tested for proper use of root stock. Filing of patent is in process

• Quick detection of Phytoplasma in gerbera using PCR- it will be helpful in detecting the samples especially in quarantine

• Transformation in Onion without antibiotics: This is used for transformation and it is quoted 40 times in leading journals

• Hybrid purity test for Arka Meghana an F1 Hybrid Chilli: National seed corporation used our technology and sold 6 Q of F1 hybrid seed based on the certification of Hybrid purity

• Barcodes developed in guava, Brinjal and Onion. Most of the private seed companies are getting DNA finger printing in our lab for registration of varieties Tissue culture: Tissue culture has been standardized in Anthurium, Gerbera, Orchids and chrysanthemum. Number of papers has been published in these protocols. The technology has been transferred to many small enterpruners. The technology has been displayed in a business meet (24th Nov 2012) and number of small enterpruners have shown the interests to purchase the technology.

1 Chenna Reddy Aswath , Sug Youn Mo, Sun-Hyung Kim, Doo Hwan Kim (2004) IbMADS4 regulates the vegetative shoot development in transgenic chrysanthemum (Dendrathema grandiflora (Ramat.) Kitamura) Plant Science,166: 847–854.

2 Chenna Reddy Aswath, Doo Hwan Kim, Sug Youn Mo, Se Won Park (2006) Agrobacterium and biolistic transformation of onion using non-antibiotic selection marker phosphomannose isomerase Plant Cell Reports, 25(2):92-99

3 Hemavathi, Chandrama, Young, Akula, KimHeung, Man Oh, Aswath, Chun, Kim, Park (2009)Over expression of strawberry D-galactronic acid reductase in Potato leads to accumulation of Vitamin C with enhanced abiotic stress tolerance . Plant Science,177(659-667)

4 Chenna Reddy Aswath, Sun Hyung Kim, Sug Youn Mo, Doo Hwan Kim(2005) Transgenics of creeping bent grass harboring stress inducible gene 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase are highly tolerant to water and salt stress. Plant Growth Regulation, 47:129–139

5 Chenna Reddy Aswath and Sun Hyung Kim (2005).Another story of MADS-box genes - their potential in plant biotechnology. Plant Growth Regulations, 46:177–188

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8 Dhandapani, M, S.B. Hong, C.Aswath and D.H.Kim (2007). Regeneration of Zoysia grass(Zoysia matrella L.Merr.)cv.Konhee from young inflorescence and stem nodes. In vitro cell Dev. Biol. Plant.90(21-27)

9 Duong T.Nhut, Bui V.Le, Jaime, A. Teixeira Da Siva and C.Aswath (2001)Thin cell layer culture system in Lilium: Regeneration and Transformation perspectives. In vitro Cell Developmental Bilogy- Plant, 37:516-523

10 Park,S.W., Jeon,J.H., Kim, H.S., Hong, S.J, C. Aswath and Hyouk, J.(2009) The effect of size and quality of potato microtubers on quality of seed potatoes in the cultivar ‘Superior’, Scientia Horticulture 120(1):127-129

11 Aswath, C and M.L.Choudhary. 2002. Plant regeneration from callus cultures of G.jamesoni . Acta Botanica Croat. 61(2) 125-134.

• Best poster award for the research paper on molecular characterization of Crossandra varieties/hybrids/species using ISSR markers in Swadesh Prem Jagriti Sangosthi held at UHS, Bangalore from May 28-31, 2010.

• Development of molecular marker for pulp colour in guava” by was adjudged as the best poster (Session-II) during the Horticultural Congress held at New Delhi from 18-21 Nov. 2010.

• Best Oral Presentation award for Breeding Anthurium for scent and disease resistance. National symposium on Recent advances in Floriculture held during March 4-6th 2007 in Navasari, Gujarat

• Awarded Post Doc fellowship on Transformation of Ornamental crops in Konkuk University , Seoul South Korea under KOSEF from 17th June 200l to 16 June, 2003(2years).

• INSA-JSPS exchange fellowship in AICHI University in Japan for period of three months (1998-99)

• Senior Research Fellowship for PG research(1983-85) • Merit Scholarship for undergraduate studies(1979-83)

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