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Jayanthi Mala B.R.

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Insect Ecology and IPM
M.Sc. (Ag)


  • Integrated pest management and enhancement of Allium germpalsm for resistance against thrips.
  • Reported new parasitoids of onion thrips and fruit fly
  • Host plants-host-natural enemies interactions associated with onion thrips and fruit fly.
  • Vector-virus relationships with respect to Iris yellow spot virus and Thips tabaci.
  • Documented pollinator diversity of litchi, avocado, rambutan in western ghats and their importance in fruit setting
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  • ICAR- Junior Research Fellow for M.Sc. (Ag)
  • Life member for Advancement of Association of Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystem
  • Life member for Indian Society of Alliums
Division of Crop Protection
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