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Yogeesha H.S.

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Principal Scientist
Division of Vegetable Crops
Seed quality Improvement, Maintenace and Evaluation
Ph.D. Seed Science & Technology
Research Accomplishments: 

Worked on hybrid rice seed production technology and characterization of wheat varieties through Electrophoresis techniques at IARI, New Delhi, from Dec,1991 to Aug, 1996; Worked on hybrid seed production aspects of tomato, sunflower, and variety development in chickpea at IARI Centre for Improvement of Pulses, Dharwad from Aug,1996 to May,1999; Since May, 1999 working at IIHR, Bangalore on: Seed quality aspects influenced by seed production practices, post harvest techniques; seed quality improvement by coating and pelleting; seed dormancy in vegetable, medicinal, flower and fruit crops. Worked out optimum stage of fruit harvest for better seed quality in tomato, eggplant, capsicum and papaya; Standardized seed extraction techniques for tomato, eggplant and papaya; Standardized seed processing requirements for frenchbean, okra and papaya; Techniques to improve seed germination in fresh dormant seeds have been optimized for papaya, eggplant, Aswagandha, Kalmegh, velvet bean and Bixa orallena; Storage conditions for extending seed viability have been optimized for papaya, frenchbean, capsicum, china aster, mango and onion; Seed pelleting technique for onion and carrot have been standardized; Standardized seed germination test conditions for papaya, Aswagandha, Kalmegh, Velvet bean and China aster.


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Awards & Recognitions: 

Netherlands Fellowship to attend the International course in Seed Sector Development at IAC Wageningen, Netherlands in 2003. Fellow of the Indian Society of Seed Technology

Permanent Address: 
No. 161, &th Main, AGB Layout, Hesaraghatta Road, Chikkasandra, Bangalore 560090
Address for Communication: 

No. 161, 7th Main, AGB Layout, Chikkasandra, Hessaraghatta Road, Bengaluru-560 090.

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080-23086100 Extn 280