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Swachhta Pakhwada Activities at ICAR – Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (16.12.2022 to 20.12.2022)

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            Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Director, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru inaugurated the Swachhta Pakhwada Programme (16th – 31st December, 2022) on 16.12.2022, and administered Swachhta pledge to all the scientific, technical and administrative staff. In commemoration of the programme, banners were displayed at the entrance and exit gates of the main campus. Cleaning up activities were taken up in the campus premises along the roadsides, corridors and surroundings of main-building and glasshouses. In Administrative section, old files were weeded out and workable office space was improved. Around 2000 kg of solid waste was collected and shifted to composting yard. Scientific, technical, administrative, supporting and contractual staff of the institute participated in the programme.

            Demonstration on ‘Composting farm residue’ was conducted at IIHR Compost Yard on 19.12.2022 with farm waste materials like leaves, straw, areca husk and flower stalks. Dr. Chetankumar and Dr. S. Ramachandran, Scientists from Division of Natural Resources, ICAR-IIHR demonstrated the process of composting using Arka Decomposer. About 30 participants including Scientists, Professors, PG Agriculture students from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, TN and farm labourers of ICAR- IIHR actively participated in this demonstration.

            On 20.12.2022, an awareness campaign on “Clean India: Green India” was conducted for the students of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka at ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru. Dr V. Sankar and Dr. R. Senthil Kumar explained about Clean India: Green India initiatives undertaken by Government of India. More than 200 college students were participated in this programme.

Swachhta Campaign Conducted at CHES, Chettalli, Kodagu District, Karnataka: Swachhta Campaign was conducted at CHES-Chettalli. The surroundings of water tank and vehicle shed were cleaned by scraping off grass, weeds etc. and the waste was segregated before disposal. All the staff members including scientists, technical, supporting staff and young professionals actively participated in the programme.