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Dr B Narayanaswamy conferred with Best Extension Worker Award

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Dr B Narayanaswamy  conferred with
Best Extension Worker Award
By UAS (B) Alumni Association

Prestigious Alumni  Association of University of Agricultural Sciences  Bangalore felicitated Dr  B.Narayanaswamy,   Principal  Scientist, Division of Extension for his meritorious   extension work  with  Late Shri  Giriyappa  Gowda   Best  Extension Worker   Award  on December  12, 2015. This award has been initiated to honour outstanding  contributors in agricultural   extension works once in three  years.
By  considering various extension   programmes  of  Dr. B Narayanaswamy  for the past  10 years  period   from  2005-2015,  Alumni  Association honoured  him  with  Certificate of Merit , Citation and  Cash prize of Rs.5000/- . He obtained his   Ph. D with  Three Gold Medals,   served farming   community  with  many innovative extension methods in  Kasaragod  district of Kerala,  Kodagu Dist.  and  in  IIHR, Bangalore.
Among   the important  extension activities undertaken by him;   Co-ordination of  451 trainings, 135 On -Farm Trials , 334 Front- Line Demonstrations  on various technologies which were approved by the  Zonal  Project  Directorate,   31  Field days,  19 Soil health and animal health Campaigns, 24 no.  of Farmers -Scientists-Officers  Interface  programmes, 826 farmers field visits, 14 Workshops and  Awareness meetings,  popularisation self help group(SHG)  activities etc.

He also published  236 Popular Articles,  12 books ( both edited and  co-authored )  , 22  brochures , 44 abstracts, 16 research articles and developed script for 43 CDs for ICAR technologies and given background voice for all the CDs.  He participated in  86 Radio and  54 TV programmes. There are 11 Best  Paper  Presentation   Awards  in the National and International Seminars, Karnataka Rajyothsava  Award from the Kodagu  district  Authority (2010), Kempe  Gowda  Samithi   Best  Student  Award (2006),   Best  Extn. Scientist  Award  from  NABARD and Rural Development Organisation-Kasaragod  and other recognitions from various  organizations during this ten years period are in his credit.