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Ganeshamurthy A.N.

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Soil Chemistry/ Ferrtility
Experience (No. of Years): 
28 years

•A soil quality index developed for assessing the effect of anthropogenic activities on soil health •A technology to grow vegetables in standing rice fields round the year was developed for the farmers of high rainfall areas •Soils of Andaman and Nicobar Islands were surveyed, classified and mapped •Strategies were developed for scientific management of Soil and other natural resources of Andaman and Nicobar Islands •Technology developed for enhancing the productivity of soybean and wheat in dry areas of India •Methodology developed for screening of genotypes of pulses for iron chlorosis •Developed model watershed for high intensity and heavy rainfall area of Islands •Soil aryl sulphatase characterized and classified as type II arylsulphatase. It was proved that it is microbial in origin in the soil •Leaf life span in mango was estimated. Litter decomposition and Nutrient addition through litter in tropical fruit crops quantified

1.Ganeshamurthy, A.N., Manjaiah, K.M. and Subba Rao, A. 1998. Mobilization of nutrients through worm casting in tropical soils : Availability of macronutrients. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 30 : 1671 – 1676. 2.Ganeshamurthy, A.N., Manjaiah, K.M. and Subba Rao, A. 1998. Mobilization of nutrients through worm casting in tropical soils : Availability of micronutrients. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 30: 1839 – 1840. 3.Ganeshamurthy, A.N., and Nielsen, N.E., 1990. On the role of Arylsulphatase in Bio-chemical mineralization of soil organic sulphur. Soil Biol. Biochem. 22 : 1163 – 1165. 4.Ganeshamurthy, A.N., and Takkar. P.N. 1997. Residual management of sulphur applied to soybean or wheat in soybean – wheat cropping system on a Typic Haplustert. Australian J. Soil Res. 35 : 199 – 208. 5.Dinesh,R, Ghoshal Chaudhuri,S, Ganeshamurthy,AN and Chanchal Day. 2003. Changes in soil microbial indices and their relationships following deforestation and cultivation in wet tropical forests. Applied Soil Ecology. 24:17-26. 6.Ganeshamurthy, A.N. 1997. An evaluation of sulphur efficiency parameters in soybean and wheat cropping system in relation to fertilizer sulphur on a typic Haplustert. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research. 49 : 1 –10. 7.Dinesh, R, Dubey, RP, Ganeshamurthy, A.N and Shyam Prasad,G. 2000. Organic manuring in rice based cropping system: Effect on soil microbial biomass and selected enzyme activities. Current Science. 79:1716-1720. 8.Ganeshamurthy, A.N. 1983. An estimate of the uptake of subsurface soil potassium by crops in two long term experiments J. Agric. Sci. (Camb). 101 : 494 – 497. 9.Ganeshamurthy, A.N. and Biswas, C.R. 1984. Movement of potassium in an ustochrept soil profile in a long term fertilizer experiment. J. Agric. Sci. (Camb). 102 : 393 – 397. 10.Ganeshamurthy, A.N., and Biswas, C.R., 1985. Q/I relationship of potassium into soils of long term experiments. Fert. Res. The Netherlands. 5 : 197 – 201.(Current name- Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems)

Technology Developed •A soil quality index developed for assessing soil health •Broad-bed-furrow technology for growing vegetables in rice fields •Pigeon pea-wheat crop rotation for indo gangetic plane •Sulphur requirement of rice in Andaman and soybean in vertisols •Developed Arka Microbial Consortium ( As Co-PI) •Developed Arka fermented Coco-Peat ( As Co-PI) •Developed papaya micronutrient special ( As PI) Honors/Awards Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Fellow of the Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development Golden Jubilee commemoration young scientist award of 1990. Awarded by the Indian Society of Soil Science for outstanding work on soils of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Potash and Phosphate Institute of Canada award for yield maximization in soybean – wheat system in Vertisols of Central India. The Sulphur Institute, Washington – Fertilizer Association of India biennial award for best work done in the field of plant nutrient sulphur for the years 200-2002. SERC visiting fellowship 1991 – 92 Indian National Science Academy. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science Member of the Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Spices Elected councillor of The Indian Society of Soil Science (2003). The fertilizer association of India ”DHIRU MORARJI MEMORIAL AWARD” for best article in Agricultural Sciences 1993 – 94. Worked for post doctoral research on “Bioavailability of soil organic sulphur which involved the origin of soil arylsulphatase and its characterization and classification at the Division of soil-water-plant at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Division of Soil Science & Agrl. Chemistry
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No.35, 10th Coss, 1st Main Maruthi nagar, Yelahanka, Bangalore-560064

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