Sample Heading

Sample Heading


Lam farm varieties viz., Kiran, Bhaskar, Lam 305 and LCA 334 are suitable. Six week old nursery to be transplanted by August – Sept for kharif crop.

Chilli drier is available with APAU and it costs about Rs15, 000. About 2q of chilli can be dried in 15 to 24 hours in this chilli drier.

Arka Komal; Arka Suvidha are the high yielding varieties in French bean

Yes, varieties like Arka Komal; Arka Suvidha; Arka Anoop; contender; Pusa Parvati can be grown round the year in all the seasons.

Mycoherbicides are living fungi or their products and they are useful in suppressing certain weeds.  They are target specific and would not work in generalized applications.

The fertilizer dosage for french bean is 62.5: 100: 75 kg of N P K per ha.

The term allelopathy refers to the ability of certain plants to produce toxic substances that inhibit the growth of certain other neighbouring plants/weeds.  There are a number of plants that show allelopathic effects on weeds.  Many crop residues are also allelopathic due to release of allelochemicals by decomposition.

French bean varieties, where pods are stringless, straight, pencil podded and smooth with round pod cross-section are called ring bean types in french bean

Soil solarization is straightforward and effective.  The “thermal death point” of weeds is at 60°C.  Solarization uses trapped solar energy to raise the soil temperature to that level.  Give irrigation to the plots and trap solar energy with 2 mm clean plastic covered airtight on all ends, by burying the edges for 4 weeks.

Three to five pickings starting from 45 days after sowing at an interval of 5 days can be taken in french bean.

There is nothing like one method is better than the other.  Each method has its own merits and demerits.  It is better to follow integrated weed management practices.

Presently there is no variety resistant to BGMV. The virus is transmitted through white flies. It has to be controlled from early stage it self by spraying insecticides to control white flies at regular intervals.

Cultural, biological, solarization and allelopathy are eco-friendly in nature as they do not pollute the environment.