Sample Heading

Sample Heading


For chilli crop 8 tonnes of FYM per acre. 50 kg urea, 100 kg single super phosphate (SSP), 34 kg muriate of potash (MOP) is recommended for rainfed chilli cultivation. Full dose of SSP along with half dose of urea and MOP has to be applied at the time of land preparation, remaining half of urea & MOP has to be applied as top dressing a month after transplanting. For irrigated crop 167 kg urea, 150 kg SSP and 72 kg MOP is recommended. Urea & MOP has to be divided into 3 equal parts, one at the time of transplanting, second dose a month after transplanting and 3rd dose a month after 1st topdressing.

It may be due to viral diseases. There is no control measure for it. Crop should be managed properly from the nursery stage onwards. Infected plants should be removed and burnt. The vectors (aphids) can be controlled, by spraying monochrotophos @ 1.5 ml/ l. or acephate @ 1g/ l. of water. G4, LCA 235, LCA 305, LCA 334 varieties are tolerant to chilli leaf curl disease.

Sindhuri, Pusa Jwala varieties are suitable for green chilli cultivation. However, no bell pepper variety can be grown in summer, as it requires 10-170C night temperature for a period of 30-40 days. If irrigation facility is available, bell pepper can be planted during Oct-Nov months.

Excess nitrogen application should be stopped, as it increases leaf curl. Do not use excess carbaryl, acephate and synthetic pyrethroids. While spraying the pesticides lower parts of leaves should be sprayed uniformly. To control upward leaf curl spray Fepronil @ 2 ml/l. of water and for downward leaf curl spray dicophol @ 5 ml/ l. of water.

This is due to gall midge. To control it effectively spray trizophos @ 1.25 ml/ l. of water and after a week spray with chloropyriphos @ 2 ml/ l.of water.

Opening drainage channels should ensure proper drainage. The soil should be drenched with Kavach @ 2g/ l. of water.

Firstly, land should be prepared in such a way that no water gets stagnated. Proper drainage facility should be given. Wherever water stagnates, remove the excess water and spray 2% urea. Spray 2g/l. COC and 1 g streptocycline to the plants. Apply 30 kg nitrogen and 15 kg potash to the soil.

Tobacco fruit borer can be effectively controlled by the use of above said bait.