Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of PGR

Data bases

1.RETMED base: The entire passport data of the lead center and collaborating centers collections were computerized and the database structure was finalized for data input. Visual basic 6.0 and MS access 2003 was used for developing this database which is named as “RET Medicinal plant Database” (RETMED base). MS Access is a powerful RDBMS. The passport data, evaluation data (morphological chemical and molecular) were entered in MS. Access.

In vitro conservation protocols for horticultural species

1.In vitro conservation technology developed for grape germplasm

Tissue culture techniques offer the opportunity for in vitro collecting, rapid propagation of medium and long-term storage of germplasm and its distribution. These techniques are invaluable to complement other health and conservation strategies, particularly for vegetatively propagated horticultural species and species with recalcitrant seeds