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Awachare Chandrakant Madhav

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M.Sc (Fruit Science)

Hybridization studies in Pomegranate        

In the present investigation an attempt has been made to compare the germination capacity of different pomegranate cultivars at -1960C for different storage intervals viz. initial germination percent, pollen germination percent after 15 days, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. All the cultivars showed more or less equal germination percentage, however the viability period is different. Among all the cultivars, Bhagwa showed better germination of 84.31% followed by Jodhpur Red (78.49 %), Kabuli Yellow (74.03 %) and lower germination was observed in P-23 (33.87 %) after 3 months of storage at -1960C. Among the germination media in general 15% sucrose +5 ppm H3 BO3 gave better results to obtain higher pollen germination for all cultivars.

High density planting in fig     

The data on gas exchange parameters like net photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, leaf temperature and relative humidity as well as the fruit retention percent has been recorded in Poona Fig planted at five different spacings. Significant differences in gas exchange characters were observed. Higher photosynthetic rate (PN) and stomatal conductance (gs) was observed at closer spacing and found to be decreasing with increasing spacings. However, leaf temperature and relative humidity found to be unaffected by treatments. Furthermore, the fruit retention percent was higher in plants spaced at 5 x 3 m.

Rootstock trial in Annona  cv. Arka Sahan

The sowing of six different species of Annona viz. Annona glabra, A. cherimoya, A. reticulata, A. squamosa, A. atemoya and A. muricata has been carried out to evaluate the rootstock efficacy for Arka Sahan.

  • Awarded Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Centenary Gold Medal for securing highest CGPA in SC/ST category during UG programme in 2009.
  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (ICAR-JRF) during post graduate programme in 2009-2011 at IARI, New Delhi.
  • Awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship during Ph.D programme at IARI, New Delhi
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